Galvanized Sheet Protection

Galvanized Sheet Protection

The galvanized sheets in rolls or stacks are wetted with water or humidity due to ambient conditions, creating galvanic cells between the two sheets, bringing zinc compounds, called White Pas. This is the most important factor that reduces the life of the galvanized sheet, causing the zinc coating to dissolve and disappear over time.

It is essential to take the following precautions to prevent white rust formation:

1- It is absolutely necessary that the material is not wetted during transport. (In our factory, transportation is not allowed to be transported to vehicles that are not covered.)

2 - Galvanized sheets should be kept in closed containers, protected from rain, water and humidity (They should be covered with waterproof cover to prevent air circulation.)

3- Galvanized sheets should be placed on chippings or pallets that will not get moisture from the floor and should be cut to the floor.

4- No excessive temperature difference in stocking areas (maximum: 10 ° C)

5- Air circulation in stocking areas and relative humidity 70% ?? Should not be more than.

6- Materials in stock should be disposed of every two months and surfaces should be wiped if necessary.