Selection of Cable Transport Systems

Selection of Cable Transport Systems

The selection of cable transport systems depends on various factors:

1. Cable Type:
Power cords are heated under load. Enough ventilation is required to dissipate heat. Cable ladders are the best choice in this regard. If it is a control and lighting cable, continuous support will be appropriate. In this case, the use of perforated or perforated cable ducts is necessary.

2. Cable Weight:
The total weight of the cables for the load capacity (kg / m) is an important factor. Cable ducts and cable ladders can be manufactured with different edge heights and different sheet thicknesses. Generally 100 mm. The load capacity for width is 15 kg / m. That's 600 mm. A cable ladder width of 90 kg / m. Cable load can be applied. (Depending on support distance)

3. Support Range:
Standard cable channels and stairs are 1.5 m. They are designed according to the support interval.

4. Mounting Direction: (horizontal or vertical)
The cables can be carried not only horizontally, but also vertically. For this purpose, the use of cable ladders is appropriate.

5. Corrosion:
Galvanized surfaces as standard provide excellent protection against corrosion. Different coatings can be applied on standard galvanized to increase the resistance against corrosion. Ex: epoxy system electrostatic powder paint.